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More on pensions
You would think this would all go away, right? Pensions, pensions, pensions. From ex-governor Pat Quinn and his statement that he was born to fix Illinois’ pension crisis, to Rauner the Bruce’s “turnaround agenda: to completely dismantle retirement benefits for current and us old, broken coppers already in the Magic Forest.

It should be over, right? Nah, not even close. But various court cases in the Illinois State Supreme Court have reduced some of our angst. Evil governors and their cabal in the press and various “policy institutes” had to suffer the defeat of their egregious efforts to dismantle our benefits.

Further, recent court cases have come out favorably with some rulings. In a new chapter of legal wrangling, an 86-page decision from the First District Appellate Court decided that the city of Harvey, that is totally destroying public service pensions, must pay $15,000,000 in damages to the local pension fund and initiate a property tax levy for the almost bankrupt pension fund.

Further, two new laws are now on the books here in the most crooked state in the union. They are designed to root out abuse of our local police pension system.

One bill is to prevent “double dipping” of police officers who return to active duty after retiring from collecting two pensions.

I don’t know any cops who work the road who actually got this perk, but I know a few high-ranking officials who do. But it’s legal, they cry! Well, not any more. Those who are benefiting from this will get to keep the path of two pensions, but then that’s to be no more.

The other bill Rauner signed is a bill that keeps survivors from getting spouse’s pension benefits if they’ve been convicted of a felony related to the spouse’s service. I believe this is what will be referred to as the Lt. Joe Gliniewicz bill.

State representatives have stated that these new laws are steps to reforming abuses of Illinois pensions.

Can’t say I can argue with that.

Vita é bella.

Three little words
Words that every man doesn’t want to hear… “You’re a creep.” However, if spoken by Ms. Hillary, one can assume that’s not a bad thing. Mrs. Wannabe your president failed miserably to Donald Trump as we all know ad-nauseum.

But I found it amusing that in her 1,047-page memoir she let out an audio snippet where she uttered the above words as he gave her the stink-eye during the campaign.

She also stated she thought “he made my skin crawl.” Oh, the shame. Politicians are so full of it. Anything for an excuse to losing is fair game, and whatever one can do to make a buck. I should say she is a shame. And to prove my point, she is having a talk in Chicago where seats start at $45. Other cities are more, but if you want to meet and greet, you will fork over $2,400. So I ask you, who exactly is the creep?

Is she, however, any different than “Rauner the Bruce” when he said and says Illinois is broken and together we can fix it. (Har de har har.) He actually sent me, via US mail, a plea for money. He who makes $50 million a year wants my stinking 20 bucks?

No, thanks, Mr. well-to-do, who wants to deprive me and all our retired types a pension so I can live on Alpo and Purina in my old age. The nerve.

And are the other career politicians on both sides of the chamber any better? Fighting for you — with their hands in your pockets when we aren’t looking. Taxes are huge in Illinois. Anyone with eyes can see that, but we keep asking for more by electing these charlatans.

Just keep that in mind that there are no candidates desiring to put money back in your wallet. Hide it because if they see it, it’s gone. Especially if you’re a public-sector worker.

And in closing, a recent editorial in a liberal newspaper asks another three-word questions. “Where are you?” This is where are you, Mr. Obama, because the sycophants are missing a president who didn’t really seem to like cops, either. I’m sure we all will be so joyous when we learn where our ex-pres has been hiding and if he returns to save the nation.

I’d like to see Hillary lost in the woods, Obama do a Bush and keep away from politics, and Rauner to lose his millions in an unsuccessful run in 2018.

In the meantime, depending on who is calling you creepy — that may not be all bad.

Vita é bella.



Politics and Anxiety
I’m right, aren’t I? You all know that. Our leaders are dysfunctional. They talk out of both sides of their forked tongues. Or is that all four sides of their tongues?

They whine incessantly about us. Too brutal, too rude, too aggressive, always picking on minorities, sometimes shooting only black people. Then when something happens they don’t think we responded properly: we didn’t engage, we stood back with our batons at the ready, we let the rioters riot, the fighters fight, the assaulters assault, and alt-right tear up the alt-left, the alt-left tear up the alt-right, blah, blah, blah.

What’s a copper to do?

And politicians want to reduce your pay, benefits, and that long way to go to ride into the Magic Forest, which is your retirement. They are destroying collective bargaining and trying to dismantle it by usurping fair share and the mechanisms like due process, available in a working contract.

Chiefs and mayors are not our friends for the most part, either. Mayors have to be reelected and chiefs need to be appointed by the sleazy mayors. It’s all a matter of what rung you are on the ladder that the big crow sits on, if you get my drift. So we deal with our anxiety and pray it will get better. Oh, sad to say it won’t.

But take heart, hockey season is soon to start. Vita é bella. >

Shark Week and OJ
What do sharks and OJ have in common? See below for the answer.

For those Shark Week lovers among you, was it not a glorious week of television? Great photography. Underwater scenes of these beautiful creatures beyond belief. A variety of sharks like we’ve never seen before.

This year was more of a scientific examination of shark behavior, rather than the biting, slashing, and ripping apart of human flesh as in the past. But it’s quite difficult to get support for sharks and examine their sheer beauty when the next scene displays a bloody spurt of water and the screaming, thrashing, and ripping apart of those human beings.

I always chuckle when I hear the scientists say we are not on the menu, that sharks give you a gentle bite to see if you’re edible, and advises not to go in the water under these circumstances:

• At dawn

• At dusk

• In murky water

• After a storm

• Wearing jewelry

• If you’re wading while fishing

• Go too far out

• Where there are seals

• Wear yellow swimming suits

• Have any cuts on your person

• You are a Trump supporter (oh wait — are you supposed to go in then?)

• Among others

Then they tell you that you are more likely to get struck by lightning, get in a car accident, or stung by a bee. That never made any sense to me. To me it’s quite obvious that you will be exposed more to bad weather, driving and bees. But if you live in Chicago, I would take my chances with the sharks. But there is beauty in sharks. The scenes of different kinds of bizarre sharks were fascinating.

• Epalut sharks

• Wobbegong sharks

• Octopus sharks

• Goblin sharks

• Cookie cutter sharks

• Saw sharks

• Chief of Police sharks — that search out policemen to eat their morale and can actually turn its head completely around and stick its head up his own rear end. A truly frightening creature.

Then there was OJ. Sitting in a room answering questions as to whether he has been rehabilitated after nine years in the pokey for an armed robbery of his friends to get his sports stuff returned. Lounging there like grandpa, with the elephant in the room being his acquittal of a double murder. And of course, his friend telling the parole board what a good man OJ is. Also, he is the author of a book telling all how big OJ’s “Johnson” is brought credibility to his testimony, did it not?


OJ was granted parole. Now he can go out and find the real killers. And the press can relive their love affair with everything OJ. I think OJ needs to go in the water, looking like a seal, wearing some bling, with fish strapped around his waist, at night, eating a hot dog, chumming the water.

And finally, what do sharks and OJ have in common? Why — they are both vicious killers.

Vita é bella.

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