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People are the same everywhere
Sitting on the balcony off the Gulf of Mexico enjoying the sun, as opposed to the extremely artic air back home. I checked out the news stories in the area.

It’s always a revelation, as Florida in the local/tourist areas always seem so peaceful. Beautiful beaches, gorgeous sunsets, blue skies, and the sea.

Then you look at a newspaper or watch the telly, and the news, for the most part, mimics what you see back home. In just a few days, a guy watching his girlfriend’s kids beat her 7-year old son to death. Punched in the head, the face, the stomach, and then thrown against a wall. Told the siblings if they didn’t participate in the beatings, they would be next.

Nine hours later he called for help when the child hadn’t moved for hours. Murder charges will hopefully lead to the ultimate punishment.

Then a man who was on parole and taken into their home by a sympathetic couple, shot the husband to death during an argument, and then beat the wife almost to death. Murder charges will hopefully lead to the ultimate punishment for this rotten human too.

There is much more — but you get the picture. Then on New Year’s Day watching a Twilight marathon, I saw an episode where an astronaut from Earth crash lands on a distant planet. After being rescued by the populace, he ultimately found himself locked up in a zoo-like enclosure where the same rescuers viewed him as part of their menagerie. He laments at the end, holding onto his cage bars, that “People are the same everywhere.” But you knew that, didn’t you? Vita é bella.

So much to look forward to…
Bada bing
Bidi bidi bom bom

It’s 2018! 2017 has barely passed and what, it’s 2018? How exactly does that work?

Well, here today, gone tomorrow. So as the world turns, here’s what we can all expect in the New Year:

• More Trump bashing, hating, and complaining from liberals
• More Trump tweeting
• Many pundits all over news land making up stuff about a variety of issues
• Men will be putting their hands on women where they don’t belong
• They will say really stupid shit, too
• Soon the NFL will be over and no one will kneel any more, except in church and marriage proposals
• Colin Kaeperdink will still be out of a job
• Unions are going to be in big trouble if AFSCME loses in SCOTUS
• Rauner will make more inane headlines and be the worst governor since…since the last governor
• Blackhawks will not win the cup
• Sox will still smell
• Cubs will excite and charge even more money for a beer
• City of Chicago will still call attempted murders “shootings”
• They will tout success in bringing down murders
• They will forget the obvious that when you shoot everyone already, then of course killings do diminish
• CPD forbids cops to use tasers on criminals who run away, so they will not be able to catch anyone. It’s called a “run-away free” card
• The press, politicians, and the public will continue to say bad things about cops
• They will tell everyone to just run away
• The tax plan may or may not be a good thing. Who the hell knows
• The Winter Olympics will be in South Korea. If it’s still there.

Happy New Year y’all.
Vita é bella.


'Tis the season

…to be jolly. As the Earth turns rapidly to a new year, we should all be filled with the joy that life presents.

Not withstanding the words of Ludwig Wittgenstein, an Australian and British philosopher as quoted in the UK “I don’t know why we are here, but I’m pretty sure it is not in order to enjoy ourselves.” Feels like it sometimes, I must admit.

However, even with the banality of it all and everyday disappointments, I choose not to wring my hands every Christmas season over all the bad juju out there. I leave that to Ludwig and his ilk to do that.

Instead, focus on your faith, your sense of giving, and of course, the Santa gift you will enjoy. It is a remarkable season. What are you looking for in your stockings? I love books, preferably sci-fi, history, wildlife, and a scary novel here and there. Music is also a delight. Jazz, I say: The Byrd, the Train, and my beloved Oscar Peterson are all good additions. And of course toys. No clothes or tools, please. Robots and vintage stuff to look beautiful on a shelf. How about you?

Lots of cool things out there. The Internet brings wonders to your door. Animals are cool, too. I have a dog, two cats, a few herps, but I asked Santa for a Palmetto Corn Snake, but the blonde said no! Just because a two-foot Fox snake escaped and got loose in the house the blonde is still wary. Maybe because we never found her. I believe she may be hiding out in the basement, under the stairs, growing to a larger size right now. That’s why maybe she never goes down there, even though it’s finished — except under the stairs where it’s dark and musty. She wonders why I spend so much time there trapping mice. But that’s a story for another time.

Whatever are your wishes, I hope all your dreams come true, as “Pedro” might say. I hope Santa is good to you, but above all, I wish for peace, serenity, and joy for all of you this Christmas season. May the Lord bless you all.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all, and keep believing in yourself and the noble job you do. Remember in this season of joy to tell someone that you love them. Vita é bella.


Did you get the opportunity to watch the Cook County Commissioners as they approved Toni Preckwinckle’s 2018 budget? Overwhelmingly approved, the budget and its 300 job cutting punishment because the Cook County president’s sugar tax was repealed.

Yes, she and her cowardly contingent would rather punish the taxpayer for the failure of their citizens to buy into the myth that was to tax sugar drinks to save y’all from being fat. Such a joke and a lie.

But the real tragedy was watching the people beg for their jobs. Some after almost 20 years of service being laid off. Not just canned, but let go on Thanksgiving and the Holiday Season.

With tears in their eyes they asked for mercy from the commission to not take away their jobs. So sad to watch. But the pasty-faced commissioners could care less.

Someone has to pay for the bloated bureaucracy that exists in Cook County and it is always the employee who ultimately pays.

Government at its best. That’s how it always goes. They say they must make the hard choices and this is the way of leadership. Leading by making people miserable. This is what I’ve learned about government when it comes to employees.

Leaders are just like the Honey Badger. They just don’t care.

Vita é bella.

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