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Budget time
Well, who would have thunk it? The oafs in Springfield have passed a budget.

Largely due to a few Republicans who crossed Rauner the Bruce’s line of “nope” unless he got what he wanted on various issues.

So the Republicans fools who voted for an override veto did so because it was the “right thing to do.” Oh yeah, says who?

Don’t get me wrong, I really barf when the thought of either party comes to mind. Especially when Republicans try to change our pensions, bargaining, and due process rights. Democrats when they raise taxes.

In this case, Republicans went hand in hand to do just that. Rauner is disingenuous as he would have not vetoed the tax increase if he got his way and would have the elements of his turnaround agenda included.

So he vetoed what he said he would approve if he got his free pass to mess with the public sector workers. Maybe this was best because the tax increase was coming either way.

So now it’s a 32 percent increase, where Illinois politicians work their way through all of your pockets to pilfer about a $1,000 bucks a year from the average cop salary. Much more for higher income, or less lower income.

Trying to get ahead of the game is fitfully frustrating with politicians everywhere, but it is truly maddening here.

So what’s next?

Well, it’s election time now, as 2018 is looming and Rauner and other evildoers will now jockey for position to once again lead Illinois deeper down the sewer.

Vita é bella.

Don’t be hatin’!
Whew! The world is a ghetto. Pick up the papers and the earth seems to be on fire. Countries all over are in dire straits as the amount of murder and mayhem seems endless.

Here in our good ole’ USA are a myriad of problems. Chicago leads the stories with the ever-expanding list of murders and attempted murders that the press ironically calls “shootings.”

So as a result of the wild west in the mid-west of Chicago, President Trump is sending 20 ATF agents to fix the murder rate. Good luck with that.

On other issues:

The mayhem that is the Illinois General Assembly, the Democrats and Republicans are still fighting, spewing hatred among their members towards the others.

No budget — at this writing. Going into the third year. But it looks like we will get one, with a huge TAX increase! If not, all kinds of social services will suffer. Bills won’t get paid. And worst of all, a couple lottery games will be halted. OMG!

But once the budget passes, you will either get pension changes that will not be good, or you will have a 30 percent income tax increase retroactive to last January. Estimates are that this will cost you personally another $1k a year. Like we needed that.

I can only quote Henry Kissinger when he said years ago during the Iran/Iraqi war “It’s a pity that both sides can’t lose.”

And that Preckwinkle lady in Cook County with her disingenuous “soda tax” abomination is so full of it I can barely swallow my Big Gulp soda. She needs the money to shore up services but she also wants to play Dr. Oz by saving us from getting obese if we drink sugar or sugar free sweetened drinks. A Cook County judge, however, saw through the baloney and stayed the tax until further hearings.

And most of all, the hating of President Trump towards Mika and Joe of MSNBC and vice versa, has TV pundits shaking with anxiety, shock, and venom. Whatever can one do to stem the tide of loathing and hostility?

Well, I’ll worry about it later. The new season of Preacher is on with its fake violence. Now that’s refreshing.

Vita é bella.

The Stuff of Nightmares

That’s the unspoken truth of cops, EMT’s and firefighters. Probably for the most part police officers, because whatever occurs in all three jobs, cops undoubtedly see the most violence and it most assuredly can be worse for them.

Police officers see the same tragedies of the EMT’s and firefighters but it is the cop on the street who meets the mayhem head on. They see the blood and guts, smell the iron-coppery odor of blood and feel the grief of victims and families in a most personal way.

And of course they are infinitely more attuned to the violence and mayhem that can be perpetuated against them. And that is the stuff of nightmares. A recent “In My Sight” article by Dave Smith in the April 2017 issue of Police highlights this ever-so-common and mostly hidden aspect of policing.

Nightmares are a prime mover of PTSD for cops. We all have them. Some minor and not so much, while others produce devastating trauma simply while sleeping.

As Mr. Smith states “Creepy dreams I found out by talking to police psychologists over the years are very, very common, almost to the point of being considered ‘normal’.”

We probably try to cover it up by saying it’s only a dream. But the dreams add up, can be debilitating, and worsen PTSD for many. The sheer volume of dreams, the seemingly reality, I imagine can be upsetting to the toughest cop out there. Primarily because there doesn’t seem to be a damn thing you can do about them. It’s only a dream!

But you can do something about it. There is no shame in cognitive therapy. Seek it out. Nightmares are bigger than you realize because it is unspoken and hidden. And that is the stuff of nightmares — not doing something about it.

Catch the article if you can. If it starts you out on a path to alleviate some pain, then that’s a good thing.

Vita é bella.

Ho Ho Ho Let's call the whole thing off

Budget time 2017. Nope — not happening.

A very dysfunctional General Assembly is leaving Springfield for their summer vacation. Aah, sunshine, barbeques, swimming at the summer home — who could be more deserving?

Going to be three years now without a budget. What does that tell you? It’s like an interim police chief — who needs one? Budgets are like chiefs: necessary to outline guidelines as to how to account for various parts of a whole. They provide numbers to allow expenditures to keep their government process going.

But during the absence of a chief, your department keeps on going. Without a budget, the government has obviously kept going. Why is that?

Because public sector workers do their jobs, that’s why. True, on the state level, bills don’t get paid and some institutions suffer without state money. But you know — stop providing services to a government that stiffs them and watch bills get paid.

And institutions that get their funding cut? Well, everyone cries for budget cuts — maybe that’s how it’s got to be. Yes, it’s social services that gets cut, but that’s a callow government that allows it to happen.

This budget crisis stems from idiots running, or ruining, our great state. But think about it, if we get a budget, it could be with massive tax increases or changes in our pensions, or depletion of our contracts, benefits, and due process protection.

And while there is some misery in legitimate venues, I’ll bet not one of you is really losing too much sleep over the lack of a budget.

So in my humble opinion, let’s go for four years. We don’t need more taxes, and as law enforcement, we certainly do not need an erosion of our pensions or benefits. Like I said, let’s call the whole thing off.

On another note, watching the news, if the Democratic party does not tell that old mop Hillary to go away, they will be going nowhere for a very, very long time.

Kathy Griffin with the beheaded President Trump was literally the most disgusting thing I have ever seen from the democratic side of things.

Being so disrespectful to a president takes the cake for ignorant, deplorable, and threatening behavior. May be Secret Service should pay this woman a visit. Just sayin’

Vita é bella.

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