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No more unions?

Yes, that’s the fear running rampant as the decision of the Mark Janus vs AFSCME is expected this June. Oral arguments were heard in late February after final briefs were filed earlier that month.

Conservative Republicans are already partying, sure that President Trump’s appointment and confirmation of Neil Gorsuch will be the swing vote needed to destroy unions over forced, or “fair share” union dues.

So stupid. You would think that the simple answer is to pay the fair share and benefit from the collective bargaining process, or “cut” the lone worker who is only a child support specialist, a non-salaried state employee.

He and a few like him are really no big deal. It shouldn’t affect any union to ignore this limited job specialty. But the Right-to-Work Legal Defense foundation and the Liberty Justice Center have jumped on board claiming “forced dues” violates the First Amendment rights, or free speech. And now the union is forced to fight over something that is, in my opinion, meaningless.

I think this is a real stretch, but I have seen courts argue the merits of a case by simple word placement, such as verbiages of “a,” “and,” “other,” and similar type sentence structure that can change the meaning of a sentence or paragraph. So with this sort of free speech interpretation its anyone's guess.

It’s not surprising that Republicans are overjoyed with having a potential swing vote conservative judge on this one.

But will SCOTUS really impact 5.5 million workers in 22 states without right-to-work laws and rule against labor?

You betcha!

Stay tuned.

Vita é bella.

Triple Axel anyone?

The Olympics are here. Some of you love it, the joy of winning, the agony of defeat sort of thing. In my useless opinion, it’s become political, satirical, and comical. Oh, the athletes all want to win and try hard, but the soap and sob stories get in the way.

And these warriors of the snow do pretty well for themselves, making the sacrifices for doing what they want to do for a living very worthwhile.

Unless, of course, you’re looking at the devil Larry Nassar himself. Those kids have and always will have grit to endure that and push beyond to perform at the highest level.

But most of this..... Zzz – snore.

The best thing I have ever seen about ice skating is that fat guy, a Sumo wrestler doing his signature “baby bird” move in those Geico commercials. Now that is exciting.

Watching a sensual ice dancing routine, I fell asleep. A triple axel routine, which is named after a Norwegian, that a Viking originally performed on a British head during their raids and conquest of that country. Then I believe it had something to do with a "ax to the ankle".

And, then there is the mighty toe loop routine, or the flip, or the Lutz. Strong stuff I’m sure. And of course, the Salchow. If I can’t pronounce it or spell it, fuggedaboutit. But people breathlessly watch it like a three-car accident with injuries only with commentary. It goes like this — he/she just toe-looped her lutz while she flipped on her axel and fell on her Salchow! And she had a wardrobe malfunction.

Give me the fat guy and the baby bird. On top of this wildly entertaining stuff, there is no NHL hockey.

Has-beens and youngsters now compete like 1980, Miracle on Ice stuff. I guarantee that ain’t happening. It’s once in a lifetime and the thrill is gone this year. Except for the women who went for gold and finally got it. Great game and their pride shines.

So I don’t watch anymore, especially after reading about the dog farms in Korea. Yeah, they keep and breed dogs in concentration camps so folks can eat them.

Just like we do with cows, chickens, and pigs here. (Full disclosure, I have been a vegetarian for 35 years, so I don’t eat any of that stuff.) To each his own. But dogs? Rin-tin-tin, Lassie, Benji, Eddie, Skip, Marley, are all rolling in their graves.

It’s not enough to say “All dogs go to heaven” so it’s okay. It’s not. So you go in and see that a St. Bernard goes for however many yen a pound. The dog is slaughtered and you get your St Bernard flank steak. Even Andrew Zimmern would be shaking his head — maybe. But like he says..if it looks good..eat it. But somehow a gutted Old English Sheepdog would not be on his menu. So no Olympics for me and this whole dog meat thing put the remote in my back pocket.

Well, by the time you read this, it will be March 1st and the games will be over. But wait…this just in. Another Viking, Johannes Hoesflot Klaebo just won the Cross County Men’s Sprint In the Cold and Snow Classic. See, they ain’t done taking over the world.

In closing, you may ask what in the hell this has to do with cops, labor or pensions?

Not a damn thing!

Vita é bella.


Horrors in our midst
Policing is a dangerous job. We all know that. Even those who dislike us, like politicians, the press, the black activists, Rahm, some local mayors, and celebrities. All in their own little universes who do nothing but whine, condemn, and spout off about us, until of course they need us.

But we continue to protect and serve all the a-holes among us. And frequently we become victims of the most horrible who roam the streets.

Case in point: Luis Bracamontes, an illegal alien and a simply horrible human being. He killed two police officers at a Motel 6 parking lot in Sacramento, CA. Deputies Danny Oliver and Michael Davis Jr. were killed by the #1 a-hole back in 2014.

He is on trial now and everyone, including he and his attorneys, admit his guilt. They are looking for an insanity plea which the judge denied because, according to the defense, you must be insane. As all of us know in law enforcement, to be a cop killing homicidal a-hole, you’re just a cop-killing, homicidal a-hole. Simple stuff.

Luis has repeatedly admitted he shot both officers and in open court with a friendly smile, says stuff like this: “I wish I had killed more of the mother---!” And, “I will break out soon and I will kill more, whoever gets in front of me, there’s no need for a f***ing trial.”

He, in his brilliance, has also told the judge to get f’d and made threats to the jurors and the families of the slain officers. They should take him out and hang him just because the families had to endure hearing this from this devil’s disciple. So he is undergoing two trials simultaneously. One for guilt and one for the death penalty. Okay.

And remember, he is an illegal immigrant. He shouldn’t be here. It’s the ongoing fight that shouldn’t ever be a question, but is one, for the most part, hidden by the media.

No, most illegal immigrants are not a-holes, but this one most certainly is.

Vita é bella.

Be Warned
It’s time for all the pension groups to bond together and be wary of another continuing dilemma dreamed up by politicians.

While not new, Daniel Biss, a Democratic candidate for governor, says that the state’s budget problem and our pension system are awful. Remember, he is not a friend of labor, as his part with other lawmakers like Nekritz and Quinn really tried to dismantle your pensions. You would think he would be a Republican with his constant desire to ruin your retirement, as promised by the Illinois constitution.

Biss admitted in a Tribune article that he and others passed a flawed law in 2013 which was intended to reduce debt. This law was canned in 2015 by the Illinois Supreme Court. Thank you, jurists. He believes that there was obsessive hysteria about it a few years ago. Yes, there was, and he and others of his ilk were part of the hysteria.

Now Biss, if he is elected, believes that consolidating pension systems is one way to cut costs. He says Illinois has 628 different pension systems. Every community has two; one for police and one for fire employees.

He says they all are served by the same investment legal consultants. He says that (we) have allowed politically connected consultants to put their hands in these 628 pension systems.

Well, Mr. Biss, who allowed that, and how are you going to stop politically connected legal consultants? You’re all politicians and that’s what you all do. You people wrap your tentacles around everything. You people are all part of this pension problem.

Allowing the merger of well-funded pension systems with underfunded ones is just stupid. If the pension boards get away from politics and hire the best investors, they will do just fine. It’s when politicians don’t keep their promises, divert funds, payments, and don’t follow the rules is when there’s trouble.

When the chicken farmer lawmakers (no offense to real chicken farmers) are allowed to have investors, it all gets that much worse. He also wants to allow buyouts for pension plan participants. Not sure what that really means.

And in closing, he advocates a graduated income tax. A bad idea that will just get them into your pockets to steal more of your money.

Like I said—be wary.

Vita é bella.


People are the same everywhere
Sitting on the balcony off the Gulf of Mexico enjoying the sun, as opposed to the extremely artic air back home. I checked out the news stories in the area.

It’s always a revelation, as Florida in the local/tourist areas always seem so peaceful. Beautiful beaches, gorgeous sunsets, blue skies, and the sea.

Then you look at a newspaper or watch the telly, and the news, for the most part, mimics what you see back home. In just a few days, a guy watching his girlfriend’s kids beat her 7-year old son to death. Punched in the head, the face, the stomach, and then thrown against a wall. Told the siblings if they didn’t participate in the beatings, they would be next.

Nine hours later he called for help when the child hadn’t moved for hours. Murder charges will hopefully lead to the ultimate punishment.

Then a man who was on parole and taken into their home by a sympathetic couple, shot the husband to death during an argument, and then beat the wife almost to death. Murder charges will hopefully lead to the ultimate punishment for this rotten human too.

There is much more — but you get the picture. Then on New Year’s Day watching a Twilight marathon, I saw an episode where an astronaut from Earth crash lands on a distant planet. After being rescued by the populace, he ultimately found himself locked up in a zoo-like enclosure where the same rescuers viewed him as part of their menagerie. He laments at the end, holding onto his cage bars, that “People are the same everywhere.” But you knew that, didn’t you?
Vita é bella.

So much to look forward to…
Bada bing
Bidi bidi bom bom

It’s 2018! 2017 has barely passed and what, it’s 2018? How exactly does that work?

Well, here today, gone tomorrow. So as the world turns, here’s what we can all expect in the New Year:

• More Trump bashing, hating, and complaining from liberals
• More Trump tweeting
• Many pundits all over news land making up stuff about a variety of issues
• Men will be putting their hands on women where they don’t belong
• They will say really stupid shit, too
• Soon the NFL will be over and no one will kneel any more, except in church and marriage proposals
• Colin Kaeperdink will still be out of a job
• Unions are going to be in big trouble if AFSCME loses in SCOTUS
• Rauner will make more inane headlines and be the worst governor since…since the last governor
• Blackhawks will not win the cup
• Sox will still smell
• Cubs will excite and charge even more money for a beer
• City of Chicago will still call attempted murders “shootings”
• They will tout success in bringing down murders
• They will forget the obvious that when you shoot everyone already, then of course killings do diminish
• CPD forbids cops to use tasers on criminals who run away, so they will not be able to catch anyone. It’s called a “run-away free” card
• The press, politicians, and the public will continue to say bad things about cops
• They will tell everyone to just run away
• The tax plan may or may not be a good thing. Who the hell knows
• The Winter Olympics will be in South Korea. If it’s still there.

Happy New Year y’all.
Vita é bella.

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