MAP was organized to meet the growing needs of police related employees in the area of legal defense and collective bargaining, and to promote the advancement of police labor issues that were not being met by existing police labor groups. The ideas and goals of MAP were conceived by its president, Joseph Andalina, a 26-year police veteran with more than 25 years experience in the police labor field.

MAP is an organization composed of sworn police officers and other police related employees who maintain full or part time employment with any state, county, or municipal agency. We have joined together to form a more professional voice in law enforcement. Only full time sworn police officers or police related employees who are active or retired may hold office. Membership is open to individuals as well as associations with no minimum limit as to who may join for legal defense. Associations or units wishing to utilize our collective bargaining programs should sign collective bargaining interest cards. A minimum 30 percent enrollment of your total eligible officers is necessary to file with the Illinois State Labor Board in order to seek a certification election.

Collective bargaining services, which include representation for contract bargaining, mediation, arbitration, and contract maintenance with an experienced labor attorney.
M.A.P. identification card and vehicle sticker.
One free simple will, to be completed by a MAP attorney for members(by appointment only).
Reduced attorney MAP rates available to members for other legal services.
$1,000 line of duty death benefit.
$500 one-time line of duty disability benefit.
Information of current criminal justice legislation and organizational support of legislation favorable to law enforcement.
The Rap Sheet, MAP's official newsletter.
Legal defense in issues emanating out of the scope of your police employment as explained in our by-laws and newsletters, utilizing a MAP attorney.
24 hour emergency consultation available with a MAP Board member or attorney.

At MAP, we promote an advanced strategy of collective bargaining, and ultimately the attainment of improved salaries and working conditions through the recognition process and political action, with the constant view of upgrading the police service.It is MAP's intention to provide an equal voice in all facets of labor for all members through their association or bargaining unit representatives.At MAP, we strive for regional strength and unity of local police employees through legal defense and collective bargaining. We believe that the mutual protection and welfare of police related employees will be attained in united action for just compensation for all police and protective employees. This can be accomplished through the collective bargaining process, the equitable settlement of grievances and punishments, improved working conditions and labor relations, the advancement of police knowledge through education and experience, and the promotion of friendship for all.

legal defense and collective bargaining
MAP provides extensive job protection through our legal defense benefit. Problems arising out of the scope of your police employment are fully covered with a MAP attorney. This includes police disciplinary hearings, administrative reviews, and district and appellate court appearances, if necessary and approved. Criminal acts and civil lawsuits are not covered expenses. MAP will obtain official recognition for your group, as well as negotiate your contract with our staff of labor attorneys. We provide an attorney as your negotiator, who will handle all areas of the negotiation process, utilizing your input and instructions. A MAP Board member is also assigned to your chapter as a direct representative to your group. Upon receipt of collective bargaining authorization cards, (minimum 30 percent of your eligible membership), MAP will petition the ISLB and your local government for a certification election for the purposes of servicing your contract. Contact MAP for more information.


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